Bathrooms & Toilets

We have a wide range of products to help bathing and toileting easier. These include bath seats, lifts, shower seats and toilet seats. Our staff will offer friendly and professional advice to all of our customers so that they can get the best possible service and prices.



There are many different accessories to help our customers get in and out of baths and to make bathing much easier. These include bathlifts, bath seats & boards, shower seats & chairs and hand rails. Bath seats and boards go across the width of the bath to allow the user to sit down comfortably and can be easily installed and removed. Shower seats sit in the bath or shower on and can be height adjustable.



Bathlifts can be powered by battery, water power or by the users movements and raise and lower them without any stress. There are many different types of bathlifts available ranging from seats that lift and swivel to carry users over the edge, to simple belt systems which are less obtrusive and tuck away when not in use. Our bathlifts are all high quality and can all be easily installed and removed if necessary.


We have a wide range of toilet aids and commodes  available to suit all needs and budgets. Our range of toilet aids includes raised toilet seats, bed pans, toilet frames and toilet rails. Raised toilet seats fit on top of regular toilet seats to raise the height making it easier to access and can be padded or solid plastic. Toilet frames, rails and ramps  help by providing something to lean on and can help people stand up or sit down.


We have a wide range of commodes available to suit all of our customers’ needs and budgets. Our commodes range includes economy chairs, luxury chairs and mobile chairs. We only supply commodes of the highest quality and our suppliers Sunrise Medical manufacture each commode from robust and high quality materials to ensure that they won’t need to replaced very often, therefore saving the customer money and time. We are also proud members of The Motability Scheme.

Economy Chairs

We sell economy chairs for customers who don’t want to spend much money and are available in a wide variety of colours. We stock also waterproof versions to allow customers to use the chairs in the shower. Some of the features of our economy chairs:

  • Strong metal construction
  • Removable seat
  • Stackable
  • Padded or plastic seat
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy clean

Luxury Chairs

Our luxury chairs come in a variety of styles and are discreet and stylish for any home. The high chair sides give the user added stability and helps them to get out of the chair. Here are some of the features:

  • Wide range of colours and styles
  • Strong frames
  • Removable foam padded seat
  • Hidden toilet pan
  • Easy clean seat
  • Lid & Handle for commode

Mobile Chairs

Ideal for private domestic use or for use in a hospital and can be wheeled over toilets for more dignity. Some of our mobile chairs can also be used in the shower. Features of the mobile commodes:

  • Detachable back & armrests
  • Removeable padded seat
  • Sturdy construction
  • Push handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Footrests

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Great quality products sold at very competitive prices with reliable delivery. Communication is excellent, a very important part of a first class service.

Adam Smith, Bristol